Metal gear solid special missions

Metal gear solid special missions

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Scouring the map and performing missions will be essential to find not only building materials, but we will have to get new recipes to create new materials such as weapons, and defense elements needed during the adventure. On the other hand, crafting is somewhat slow, heavy and repetitive, but as we say it is the basis of the game and will be very necessary for our evolution, plus the online mode missions help us to do so.

On the other hand, we also have to highlight the micropayments with which we will have to survive in this installment and that we did not like at all. The so-called SV or survival coins can be purchased with real money and with them we can get PB (battle points) to increase the experience more quickly in order to increase the characteristics of the character, greater Kuban energy bonus (necessary to manage resources) and other options such as the possibility of having a new character for about 1000 coins about 10 € at the exchange rate … Incomprehensible.

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It was necessary to bet on another way of telling the story, an open world does not only mean moving through very large scenarios, and it needs a narrative according to its structure. It has not dispensed with the classic and spectacular cinematics, not at all, they are simply more dosed or diluted in the longest game of the entire saga by far, in which it takes about 40 hours to see the main story, and going very much to the point. You can spend a long time playing without seeing a single cinematic, but when they appear they cause a great impact, they are simply brilliant, they leave you with your mouth open.

It’s not only less cinematic because it’s longer, but also because it uses more narrative resources, according to the language of the videogame. There is a complex and convoluted plot as in all Metal Gear, but you are given a lot of freedom to delve more or less into it, doing side missions, eavesdropping on enemy conversations, or through the cassettes, the substitutes for the long Codec conversations, which is where we will learn almost all the details of the plot. Recordings of two or three minutes at most, quite entertaining to listen to, and that are very well organized by theme, even marking in yellow color those of special importance.

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Far Cry 6’s political message may be a bit all over the place, but one thing’s for sure: you can shoot fascists. So, it’s an 8/10, at least. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the co-op multiplayer mode in Far Cry 6, something you can undertake with random players online or with your dearest friends. Simply follow our instructions to find out everything you need to know.

When you start Far Cry 6, you won’t have access to the multiplayer component right away. Instead, you’ll have to clear the first island, which includes several missions, and culminates in a showdown on top of two large burning ships. It’s explosive, all right, but it takes a little longer than you might expect from an introduction.

Special operations are very different and the missions currently in the game involve carrying a special device that runs the risk of overheating. You can only succeed in these missions by taking the device into the shadows rather than the sun and heading straight for water sources that will cool the device and allow you to keep moving.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain represents a great deal to the industry and to a hardcore legion of fans. The franchise has transformed from an interesting two-dimensional proposition to an open-world game with enormous pretensions. The innovative and challenging nature is part of Metal Gear’s DNA: from the breaking of the 4th wall in Metal Gear Solid to the narrative style of Metal Gear Solid 4, Kojima has had fun transgressing the expectations of his fans.

The Phantom Pain feels like the culmination of a dozen ideas scattered throughout the other Metal Gear games. Its openness doesn’t dilute the experience, as with other open-world games, but rather enriches it with possibilities for infiltration. Because of this, the developers had to create adequate tools to make each mission interesting. Everything is also supported by a script of the caliber of any Kojima game, the Fox Engine graphics engine and the creative freedom that comes with the technological advances of the new generation of consoles.