Guia completa zelda breath of the wild

Guia completa zelda breath of the wild

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This online guide offers you the first 100 pages of the official extended guide for free. It includes the Basic Manual chapter, as well as step-by-step visual instructions for the zora, gerudo, orni and goron quests, with combat strategies for all divine beasts. You’ll be able to browse content on them with any device (tablet, mobile or PC).

With all side quests, shrines, heroic trials and collectibles data detailed and ready for you to discover and complete! It also includes optional challenges, mini-games, unlockables, references and much more.

From the development team and beautifully arranged across two sections: 16 pages of concept art from “The Legendary Trials” and “Ballad of the Chosen” and 16 pages of carefully selected illustrations from the main game.

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This is the case of Player 5, a player of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, who has achieved a new record in Nintendo’s work. In just 25 minutes and 23 seconds he is able to overcome the challenge of Hyrule and finish the final boss. A real spectacle that you must see.

Achieved last Saturday, the striking thing is that Player 5 held a record of 25 minutes and 33 seconds for several weeks. He managed to lower the time by three seconds to improve the record even more the next day to the current figure, as can be seen in

Among the curiosities that we find, and that he himself points out, is the particularity of playing with the French language. This is very common, since the aim is to choose the fastest possible language option. On the other hand, when he arrives at the castle and must face the Iras of the Divine Beasts, he performs a brutal trick.

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Ante esto, es obvio que el título ofrece todo un despliegue de apartados con los que mejorar y personalizar a nuestros personajes, ya sea con habilidades que nos harán más eficaces en combates o durante la exploración del mundo, así como mejoras en nuestro querido Regalia, con el que recorrer el vasto mundo que ofrece Eos.

Es por ello que, a fin de que no os perdáis en esta aventura, os ofrecemos esta guía con trucos y consejos para que podáis sacarle el máximo jugo a vuestras partidas y disfrutar como se merece de un juego que os ha tenido esperando durante tanto tiempo.

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