Search engine optimization seo

Search engine optimization seo

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The cost of this service can be 250 euros, but you can ask for our SEO Packs and pay a lower amount per month.  Once this work is done you will receive a report of the situation of your website.

Unfortunately, a website can suffer an attack and be hacked, it can receive thousands of low quality links pointing to your company’s website, they can copy your content and distribute it massively or have a number of fake users (fakes) on social networks that bring down the reputation of your brand.

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We do not only focus on selecting the main keywords for which your project should be positioned. We analyze your field, search intentionality, seasonality, positioning complexity, volume, area… Everything you need to fully understand the online ecosystem in which your company moves.

The acquisition of links or backlinks from other websites and media is still essential for a good organic positioning. Our SEO experts will create a link profile for your website that reflects the authority and reputation of your company on the Internet.

No. In our SEO agency we offer an International SEO service so that your project can appear in the first results of the countries and regions you want. We have clients that position in all kinds of foreign countries: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal…

In our search engine optimization agency we work with all kinds of CMS, from custom-made websites to content management systems such as WP, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, Drupal… Our SEO strategies will adapt one hundred percent to your website and strengthen its strengths.

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If you are going to start working on the SEO positioning of your website, it is important that you know the difference between onpage SEO and offpage SEO. In this article we are going to explain you what actions are included in each of the SEO strategies, giving you some examples of onpage and offpage SEO.

These are just some examples of onpage SEO, but there are many more actions that can be carried out within the website itself and, therefore, that can also improve online positioning. In addition, there are onpage SEO tools that will help you to detect possible problems or improvements.

We hope that, after reading this article, you have clarified your doubts about what is the difference between seo onpage and seo offpage. Do you need an agency to work on the SEO onpage and offpage of your website? Do you want to improve the positioning of your site in search engines? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to be your SEO agency.

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Tell us your project openly with all the details. We will study your case and we will respond with an approach to what you need and to take off to the top. Don’t wait for your competitors to do it!